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  • Use the promo code "SUBSCRIBE" when you check out to get your free bag!
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Never run out of Walt's Coffee again!

Ordering coffee online is great...until that morning you realize you've run out. Can we help? Start a Walt's Coffee Roasters monthly subscription, and we can make sure the coffee you need is delivered right to you, in the quantity you need and on your schedule!

Oh, and did we mention you save $1 per bag on subscriptions, but we still donate $3 to the organization of your choice? This is a great way to make an ongoing impact on the organization you choose!

Here's how it works:



1. Select which coffee you'd like to add to your subscription. On the product page, you'll see a "one time purchase" option and a "subscribe and save" option. Choose the "subscribe and save" option.

2. Choose how you'd like the coffee ground and which organization you'd like to donate to.

3. Under "quantity," enter how many bags you'd like to receive each month

4. Click "add to cart."

5. Repeat for as many other types of coffee as you'd like. Anything you add to your cart with the "subscribe and save" option will become your monthly subscription. (Anything you add to your cart with the "one-time purchase" option will only come to you that one time, so you can combine subscription and one time items if you need to.)

**Pro Tip: When you check out, you'll have the option to set up an account at We recommend you do this so you have an easy place to come back if you need to log in and edit your subscription.**



You can edit your subscription at any time before your next charge date, but you will receive an email about three days before your next monthly order is generated, and it will contain a link to edit your subscription if needed.

Keeping everything the same? Just let it go and you'll be charged on your renewal date and receive the same coffee as last month.

Need to make changes? Click the link in your email or login to your account at You can:

  • add new coffees or change the kind or quantity of bags you receive
  • update/edit payment information
  • change the organization you are donating to
  • skip a month if needed


Questions? Click here to email Nicole and she'll walk you through it!